• Sergio Vega, Modernismo Chamánico (Cathedral-Pineapple-Bossa Nova), 2016, digital print on paper, paint, record player, vinyl. Installation view. Photo: Danilo Donzelli.

    Sergio Vega

    Umberto Di Marino

    For his third solo exhibition at Galleria Umberto Di Marino, Sergio Vega created a complex network of incongruous elements that was already suggested by the show’s title: “Shamanic Modernism: Parrots, Bossanova and Architecture.” The gallery was transformed into a unique environmental installation comprised of images, sounds, architecture, and elements of nature. In recent years, Vega—working with ruthless irony—has retraced a particular paradisiacal mythology that emerged during South America’s colonization. Many early European explorers interpreted the book of Genesis to suggest that

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