• Reza Aramesh, Action 165, Study of the Head as Cultural Artifact, 2016, handcarved Carrara marble, 17 3/4 × 10 × 10". From the series “Study of the Head as Cultural Artifact,” 2016–.

    Reza Aramesh


    Reza Aramesh uses fine craftsmanship to engage with such pressing issues as the sublimation of violence by contemporary media. In his recent exhibition “At 11:57 am Wednesday 23 October 2013,” he presented photographs, marble heads, and vases that had been handmade following ancient Greek methods, then fired in a kiln in Iran. The show’s title refers to the precise time of the British tabloid the Daily Mail’s publication online of an article reporting a beheading, believed to be an honor killing, that took place in Afghanistan. A couple who were having a love affair were reportedly kidnapped,

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