• Martin Ebner, Film Without Film (after The Evil Faerie by George Landow, FLUX Film No. 25, 1 min., 1966), 2013, PVC tube, wood, 11 3/4 × 15 1/2 × 1 1/2".

    Kitty Kraus and Martin Ebner

    Contemporary Art Centre

    Before entering this exhibition of Berlin-based artists Martin Ebner and Kitty Kraus, curated by Audrius Pocius and Nicholas Matranga, one might have spotted a dark object piercing the concrete facade of the Contemporary Art Centre’s monolithic modernist building. It was a telescope aimed at the North Star—the only apparently fixed celestial body in our sky. During the day the star is not visible, of course, but Kraus invited the viewer to sit on a wooden park bench placed in the exhibition space beneath a circular spotlight that functioned as a stand-in for the star. The position was a

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