• Jay Heikes, Beyond Zebra, 2016, pigmented mortar, burlap, salt, latex, glue, steel, slag, rubber hose, wood, 37 × 29 × 1 1/2".

    Jay Heikes

    Federica Schiavo Gallery | Milan

    “Zorro was here!” a friend quipped upon seeing the images in “No future ism,” the Jay Heikes exhibition that inaugurated Federica Schiavo Gallery’s new Milan venue. Who could disagree? The thick paintings-cum-sculptures by this Minneapolis-based artist were studded with a series of zigzags, sometimes delineated in copper wire, sometimes drawn with iron filings and glue, sometimes simply carved into the depth of the material. The works as a whole (all from 2016 and titled Zs except one, Beyond Zebra) seemed to convey that the masked avenger had relentlessly written his signature on every available

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