• Sandra Gamarra, Cielo Raso, 2016, concrete blocks, graphite, false gold, screws, 30' × 32' 9” × 12 3/8”. Photo: Filipe Berndt.

    Sandra Gamarra

    Galeria Leme/AD

    Sandra Gamarra’s temporary site-specific installation Cielo Raso, 2016, orchestrated a powerful, if unexpected, collision between pre-Columbian religious culture and the modernist grid. In creating the work, the artist was responding to a commission by Bruno de Almeida, curator of the project SITU, which explores the intersection of art, architecture, and the public sphere. The work’s title is the Spanish equivalent of the English phrase “dropped ceiling,” but contains an ambiguity: Cielo means “sky” or “heaven,” and raso means “shallow” or “flat.”

    Gamarra, whose work is deeply rooted in her

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