• Sarah Oppenheimer, S-281913, 2016, aluminum, glass, two components, each 16' × 17' 9“ × 1' 4”. Installation view. Photo: James Ewing.

    Sarah Oppenheimer

    Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM)

    “Would you like to interact with the sculpture?” A guard greeted me with this question immediately after I entered the room at the Pérez Art Museum in which Sarah Oppenheimer’s new work S-281913, 2016, is installed. The invitation at first struck me as oddly redundant. All of the artist’s works that I had encountered previously were interactive by default, consisting of razor-sharp transformations of gallery architecture—usually a series of cuts through floors, walls, or ceilings in combination with planes of reflective glass—that collectively effected a complex and continuous reshuffling

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