• Ditte Gantriis, Sexual Feeling, 2016, iron, copper, hydrochloric acid, handmade candles, handblown glass, 11' 9 3/4“ × 6' 6 3/4”.

    Ditte Gantriis

    Frutta | Rome

    Ditte Gantriis’s second solo show at Frutta marked an aesthetic departure from the work the Danish artist showed at the gallery just two years ago. That earlier offering—titled “Body and Soul”—featured oversize woven baskets alongside brightly colored monochromes, evoking a sensation of voluptuousness and abundance. In contrast, the latest show, at the gallery’s recently relocated space in Rome’s Trastevere neighborhood, brought together works made of materials including wrought iron, glass, and candles to conjure an altogether darker feeling. This transition is a tribute to the artist’s

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