• View of “Kristan Horton and David Armstrong Six,” 2016. From left: Kristan Horton, Tabarium Consumer Radiation Array 004, 2016; David Armstrong Six, Moonshade Walk’r, 2016; Kristan Horton with David Armstrong Six, Tabarium: Consumer Radiation Array 001, 2016; David Armstrong Six, Dwarf Mallow, 2016. Photo: Toni Hafkenscheid.

    Kristan Horton and David Armstrong Six

    Clint Roenisch

    In a world altered to its depths by human consumption, what will endure? Kristan Horton and David Armstrong Six’s two-person show “If by Dull Rhymes” seemed to propose that castoffs from our sinking ship have a salvageable future even if we don’t. Proliferating commodities provided the material conditions and inspiration for works of literally wasteful beauty, whose elegiac yet playful constructions craftily forecast human obsolescence.

    Armstrong Six’s delicately colored freestanding assemblages made of plaster, cement, steel, and other materials conjured an undersea garden growing out of ruins.

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