• Dustin Yellin, 10 Parts, 2015–16, glass, collage, acrylic paint, 3' 11 1/2“ × 20' 4 3/4” × 1' 4 3/4".

    Dustin Yellin

    GRIMM | Frans Halsstraat 26

    Opening during Amsterdam’s busy annual Art Weekend in November, Dustin Yellin’s marvelous exhibition “10 Parts” seemed to draw the biggest crowd. Swarms of happy viewers spent hours pressing their noses to the glass surfaces of Yellin’s aquarium-like sculptures, reminding me of kids staring dreamily into an Apple-store window. Buried within each massive, light-filled, transparent block––a fat sandwich of thirty-one sheets of half-inch-thick glass––were thousands of tiny pictures extracted from encyclopedias, science manuals, magazines. These cutout images are typically one-half to two inches

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