• Christian Bonnefoi, JANAPA II, 1978, acrylic on tarlatan, metal frame, 74 3/4 × 98 3/8". From the series “JANAPA,” 1978.

    Christian Bonnefoi

    Jean-Paul Najar Foundation

    Christian Bonnefoi creates large, multicolored canvases of diagonals and stripes, squiggles and turns, that are steeped in the history of abstraction and the theories that have accompanied it. Bonnefoi’s recent show, “Double Take,” concentrated on paintings from 1974 to 1980, with just six later works, and was curated by Sylvie Turpin, who has long collaborated with the artist. In many of them, large canvases are stretched across metal or wooden frames, which remain visible through the gauzy muslin that Bonnefoi characteristically uses—an extremely delicate material called tarlatan. He

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