• Yuri Pattison, memory foam memory, 2016, AmazonBasics memory foam mattress, light-therapy mask, travel adapters, USB charger, LED panel, dawn/dusk simulation dimmer, white-noise sound conditioner, melatonin liquid, vaporizer, Unistrut. Installation view.

    Yuri Pattison

    mother's tankstation | Dublin

    Last fall’s release of Apple’s new iOS 10 operating system touted a curious new feature: Bedtime. True to its title, the app simply encourages users to get a full night’s rest by alerting them when it is time to go to bed. Users’ personal sleep logs can then be analyzed using Apple’s HealthKit. In effect, the software tracks one’s bodily needs—to the extent that they can be accurately registered by an iPhone—and charts them as a kind of productivity.

    The increasing outsourcing of biological function provided the subtext of Yuri Pattison’s “sunset provision.” The exhibition was originally

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