• Veit Laurent Kurz, Fear and Impatience (Herba-4 Series), 2016, acrylic, crayon, oil chalk, acrylic varnish, and digital print on wood, 16 7/8 × 20 1/8". From “Se nos cayó el teatro” (Our Theater Has Fallen).

    “Se nos cayó el teatro”


    Lodos inaugurated its new space with the group show “Se nos cayó el teatro” (Our Theater Has Fallen), which presented the work of eight international artists and collectives. The wide variety of works, from painting to sculpture to video to photography, coalesced into a sensitive, poetic reflection on the challenges of art- and exhibition making in this current climate of political instability.

    At the entrance of the exhibition space, a worn-out wooden yoke hung from the ceiling and rotated mechanically. A rough copper sheet covered the wooden bar, embossed with the work’s title, They gather,

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