• Giulio Turcato, Superficie lunare (Moon Surface), 1969, oil and mixed media on foam rubber, 23 5/8 × 31 1/2". From the series “Superfici lunari” (Moon Surfaces), 1964–73.

    Giulio Turcato

    Galleria Milano

    This exhibition presented two of Giulio Turcato’s key series from the 1960s: the “Tranquillanti” (Tranquillizers), which he created for Galleria il Canale in Venice (where the works were first exhibited in 1961), and the “Superfici lunari” (Moon Surfaces), which he started in 1964 and showed two years later at the Venice Biennale. Both expressed a new material-oriented direction for Turcato characterized by vibrant two-toned or monochrome surfaces and punctuated by insertions or material swellings that further developed ideas about color as an animate space for psychic evocation that he had

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