• Bouchra Khalili, Foreign Office (detail), 2015, fifteen C-prints, silk screen on aluminum, video (color, sound, 22 minutes).

    Bouchra Khalili

    Lisson Gallery | 27 Bell Street | London

    Against the background of the refugee crisis in Europe, Bouchra Khalili’s works tracing illegal border crossings around the Mediterranean take on renewed urgency. By empowering those who undertook the perilous passages to tell their own stories, the eight videos of The Mapping Journey Project, 2008–11—each a fixed frame showing only a paper map on which a hand can be seen drawing with permanent marker a zigzag route, narrated by the migrant who took it, so that the viewer must imagine for herself the arduous experience—present a critical alternative to the media’s coverage of the

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  • Matt Golden, Double Negative, 2011, C-print on velvet paper, cherry frame, 19 1/8 × 17 3/8".

    Matt Golden


    The central work in Matt Golden’s solo show “Bisons” was He Who Eats the Durian Smells of Durian, 2016, a piece consisting of twenty full-page photographs as originally printed in the London-based magazines Wonderland and Rollacoaster. Torn out from the publications and arranged under a single sheet of Plexiglas, they depict the distant travels of Juan Carlode, the fictional musician who is Golden’s alter ego. This composition of images was attached to a wooden stage, turned upright, that was taken from the Russian Club, a former bar and pool hall on nearby Kingsland Road, in the hip London

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