• Tamar Guimarães, La incorrupta (The Uncorrupted), 2016, HD video projection, color, sound, 36 minutes.

    Tamar Guimarães

    Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

    For her first solo exhibition in Spain, Tamar Guimarães presented the thirty-six-minute film La incorrupta (The Uncorrupted), 2016, which was commissioned by the Reina Sofía. In it she presents a story about a guest curator and her potential exhibition, using the very museum in which the work is screened as the film’s setting. Throughout the film—an amalgam of documentary, fiction, and essay—viewers are privy to conversations among the curator (played by the artist), museum director, and staff, in addition to confidential discussions among the latter. The exhibition’s point of departure

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