• Ricardo Brey, Mono-no-aware, 2016, ink-jet print, aged silver metallic paper, mirror, metal objects, and coins on canvas board, 20 5/8 × 28 1/2".

    Ricardo Brey

    Galerie Nathalie Obadia | Rue du Bourg Tibourg

    Ricardo Brey’s recent exhibition, “All that is could be otherwise,” comprised mainly recent collages on drawings and photographs, but its physical and conceptual centerpiece was a sculptural work that dates to the dawn of the millennium. For those unfamiliar with the Cuban-born artist who rose to prominence in the 1980s as a founding member of the avant-garde Volumen I collective, Birdland, 2001—a large nest made of old coats cradling several ostrich eggs and a swanlike saxophone—introduced two of Brey’s hallmarks: a strong association between nature and music (specifically Afro-Cuban

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  • View of “Caroline Mesquita,” 2017. Photo: Rebecca Fanuele.

    Caroline Mesquita

    Fondation d'entreprise Ricard

    “I really like when things suddenly go out of control,” French artist Caroline Mesquita has said. Here, she set the scene as a plane crash. Three installations constructed from steel and resin—The Plane Wing, The Plane Sidewall, and The Wing Tip (all works 2017)—stood as parts of an imagined aircraft. Like a stage, each installation was peopled with sculptures made of plates of brass and resin; cut, bent, and welded together, these life-size anthropomorphic figures are composed of tubular and cylindrical shapes. These are the survivors. Although static, their jointed appendages are

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