• View of “Leylâ Gediz,” 2017. Photo: Hasan Deniz.

    View of “Leylâ Gediz,” 2017. Photo: Hasan Deniz.

    Leylâ Gediz


    Leylâ Gediz’s show “Serpilen” (an unusual Turkish word meaning something that blooms as it is dispersed) was a poetic rendition of her studio, a distilled portion of her work, a pristine and spiritual space created by paintings and some of her working environment’s “clutter,” as she puts it. All became part of a total installation—not a grand, socially loud one, but a quiet contemplation of in-between moments and the intimacy of objects, of lives shared or interconnected, in which viewers could create their own stories through what they saw.

    Gediz’s works have always been thoughtfully studied

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