• Anna Uddenberg, Savage #9 (bea ride), 2017, aqua-resin, fiberglass, suitcase, puffy jacket, synthetic hair, acrylic nails, cozy socks, mesh, vinyl, rubber string, flip flops, 42 1/2 × 41 3/8 × 29 1/2". From “Homo Mundus Minor.” Photo: Roberto Apa.

    “Homo Mundus Minor”


    In the twenty-first century, identity has become more malleable than ever before, and no version of selfhood goes untested or unquestioned. This shift provided the fundamental premise for the group show “Homo Mundus Minor,” organized by Rome’s T293. The exhibit included the gallery’s own Simon Denny alongside Lucas Blalock, Maggie Lee, Woody Othello, Hannah Perry, Lui Shtini, and Anna Uddenberg. On display were sculptural, two-dimensional, and video works that explored the titular phrase, which expresses the idea that each person contains a micro-version of the world’s essential complexities,

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