• View of “Gonçalo Sena,” 2017. Photo: Bruno Lopes.

    View of “Gonçalo Sena,” 2017. Photo: Bruno Lopes.

    Gonçalo Sena

    Galeria Quadrado Azul | Lisbon

    The work of Berlin-based Portuguese artist Gonçalo Sena oscillates between the perceived borders of sculpture, architecture, installation, and object-based practice: gray areas that create a fertile field for the interplay of colliding matter and crashing form. With a strong architectural sensibility, Sena erects what can best be described as a conceptual ecosystem, within which his works are brought to life and act out their material characteristics. This long-awaited solo exhibition at Galeria Quadrado Azul created such an environment, uniting a wide array of seemingly distinct works, which

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