• View of “Pablo Vargas Lugo,” 2017. From left: Vaina (Eumorpha fasciatus) (A) (Sheath [Eumorpha fasciatus] [A]), 2016; Ovipositor, 2017. Photo: Ramiro Chaves.

    Pablo Vargas Lugo


    Pablo Vargas Lugo Pablo Vargas Lugo’s recent exhibition “Ovipositor” surprisingly paralleled, whether intentionally or not, certain concepts integral to the poststructuralist thought of Jacques Derrida—dissemination and fertility, nakedness and its inescapable vulnerability, presupposed presence and factual appearance. Let’s begin with puncture, which the French philosopher used to denote penetration as a provoked action, as well as living, killing, and hiding. Derrida reflected on the notion of puncturing—an act that is the dialogic, biological, and symbolic center of “Ovipositor.”

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