• Ranjani Shettar, Remanence from last night’s dream, 2011–16, rosewood, lacquered wood, pigments, 72 × 50 × 35".

    Ranjani Shettar

    Talwar Gallery | New Delhi

    Echoes of the natural world reverberated through Ranjani Shettar’s solo show “Bubble trap and a double bow.” Some of the works were reminiscent of the gossamer skeins of a spiderweb; others, of lichen covering the forest floor. In How long before another turn, 2016, delicate nets spun out of polyester threads and studded with molded wax beads were suspended between gray gallery walls. These fragile bead constellations with their warm tones of pink, yellow, and orange threw delicate shadows, creating a complex interplay of tangible and immaterial lines in space. This effect recalled an earlier

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