• Chim↑Pom, LIBERTAD, 2017, digital C-print, 49 1/4 × 74 5/8".


    Mujin-to Production

    The six artists who make up Chim↑Pom, founded in 2005, have proven to be adept navigators of the contemporary media landscape. To make the timely works in their most recent exhibition, “The other side,” they traveled to Tijuana, Mexico, on the border of the United States. On their first visit, in mid-2016, Chim↑Pom met a local family whose home directly abuts the rusting steel fence separating the two countries and proceeded to build a tree house in the pepper tree overlooking the home. They christened the structure the U.S.A Visitor Center. Then, from December 2016 to January 2017, they returned

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