• Anselm Reyle, Windspiel (Diamond), 2017, aluminum, electric motorized, 18' 1/2“ × 13' 1 1/2”.

    Anselm Reyle


    In “Eight Miles High,” his first one-man show at König Galerie, Anselm Reyle created a shining sculptural trinity of geometrical abstraction, beautifully combining processes of secularization and re-sacralization. In the gallery’s central exhibition space––the converted nave of the former Saint Agnes Kirche––he placed three free-hanging large-scale aluminum sculptures: Windspiel (Diamond), Windspiel (Square), and Windspiel (Circle) (all works 2017). The setting is both ambitious and demanding: a vast room, forty feet high and more than four thousand square feet in size, whose walls are covered

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  • Simon Martin, Untitled, 2008, digital animated HD video, color, sound, 16 minutes.

    “Jaguars and Electric Eels”


    The second exhibition of new media works drawn from the Julia Stoschek Collection, presented in its new Berlin exhibition space—formerly East Berlin’s Czech Cultural Center—includes thirty-nine works by thirty artists. Curated by Monika Kerkmann, the show focuses on contemporary artists’ engagement with nature, and its title, “Jaguars and Electric Eels,” is taken from Alexander von Humboldt’s 1853 narrative of his explorations in the Americas, during which he developed an early ecological concept of the natural world.   

    I was particularly drawn to Juan Downey’s The Laughing Alligator

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