• Yazan Khalili, Copy of a Copy of a Copy, 2017, posters, ink-jet print, shipping pallet. Installation view. Photo: Alexander Wolfe.

    Yazan Khalili

    Lawrie Shabibi

    Yazan Khalili’s show “On the Other Side of the Law” analyzed life in Ramallah from the standpoint of legality, focusing on the often-absurd contortions to which Palestinians must submit their daily routines in order to accommodate international laws. Khalili connects questions of lawfulness to a discourse on the circulation of images, adapting a strand of recent critique to illustrate the larger political failings of a system ill-equipped for the realities of its subjects’ lives. 

    The three-channel video installation Robbery in Area A, 2013–16, for example, highlights flaws in the West Bank’s

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