• Bernard Voïta, Jalousie I (Venetian Blinds I), 2017, thermo-lacquered steel, 91 3/8 × 51 1/8 × 96 1/2“ (open), 70 7/8 × 51 1/8 × 2 3/4” (closed).

    Bernard Voïta

    Galerie Laurence Bernard

    Two unexpected objects awaited us at the entrance to Bernard Voïta’s exhibition “Hétérotopies (Heterotopias).” On the left wall, a ribbon of shiny red metal folded out into the room from a metal frame like a bizarre relief. Angled on hinges, it changed direction several times only to return to the structure anchoring it. It was as if a line zigzagging across a luminous painting had attempted a daring escape into the third dimension before being folded back into the picture’s two-dimensional surface. This was Jalousie I (Venetian Blinds I, all works 2017). The name alludes to a Venetian blind,

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