• Ana Vidigal, Só a poesia nos pode salvar. Há lugar para mim? (Bambi a fugir de lá) (Only Poetry Can Save Us. Is There Room for Me? [Bambi Fleeing from There]), 2017, mixed media on paper, 63 × 50".

    Ana Vidigal

    Galeria Baginski

    A merging of personal and cartographical histories was evident throughout Ana Vidigal’s solo show, particularly in two attention-grabbing works, stationed near the gallery entrance, whose elements and titles both offered valuable clues as to the exhibition’s larger concerns. The first, a mixed-media piece titled sem família (say it in modern greek) (Without Family, [Say It in Modern Greek]) (all works 2017), incorporates burlap scraps from Sharjah and a Greek-language phrase book for tourists in a framed collage resting upon twenty-four sandbags. Connecting the composition’s elements are strips

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