• View of “Rebecca Warren,” 2017. Photo: Sean Logue.

    Rebecca Warren

    Matthew Marks Gallery | 7818 Santa Monica Blvd

    In the Hadean period, the earliest geologic era in earth’s history, the planet’s defining characteristic was its hot, molten surface, which would ultimately cool and harden to create the relatively stable terra firma we enjoy today. Much later, following the arrival of Homo sapiens, the Bronze Age would see the advent of metal tools, after which the sturdier iron supplanted bronze; the alloy would thereafter become the medium of choice for artisans and sculptors. British artist Rebecca Warren recently produced a series of painted bronze sculptures titled “Los Hadeans” (all works 2017), whose

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  • McDermott & McGough, Furnishings, Works of Art and Other Status Symbols, 1965/2017, oil on canvas, 60 × 48".

    McDermott & McGough

    Team Gallery | 306 Windward Avenue

    Titled “Hollywood (Homosexual) Hopeful,” this exhibition comprised more than a dozen new paintings purportedly first made in the 1960s—all works cited here, for example, bear the dates 1965/2017. The three large paintings that formed the most immediately cohesive grouping in the show were located in a small white shed next to the gallery’s back patio, evoking a typical artist’s studio for a hobbyist painter in this Los Angeles beachside neighborhood (the gallery is located in Venice). The works depict mid-century interiors in the manner of real estate photography—the scenes are spotless

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