• Liliana Moro, Ouverture, 2017, melting tin, industrial jack, twenty-four ceramic cherry couples, five glassy ceramic tangerines, dimensions variable.

    Liliana Moro

    Francesco Pantaleone Arte Contemporanea | Palermo

    It had been some time since Liliana Moro has had a solo show of recent work in her native city of Milan, although earlier this year she participated in a two-artist show with Francesco Fonassi at Renata Fabbri. In keeping with Moro’s usual practice, “Ouverture,” her exhibition at Francesco Pantaleone—a young gallery from Palermo that has recently opened a new space in the Lombard capital—consisted of a very concise selection of work, in this case two sculptures and four drawings connected by the theme of still life. The first sculpture viewers encountered,  Ouverture (all works 2017),

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