• Florian Pumhösl, Kanal Abschmilt VII (Canal Section VII), 2017, anticorrosive paint on galvanized sheet steel, 86 5/8 × 30 3/8 × 2".

    Florian Pumhösl

    Galerie Meyer Kainer

    Karl Marx argued in the Grundrisse (1857–58) that it is impossible to grasp the complexity of the world with an abstract concept. An idea is merely a starting point, which must be fleshed out through “the method of rising from the abstract to the concrete.” When applied to the aesthetic realm, this fundamentally anti-Platonic conception of abstraction runs counter to the idea that artists reach abstract forms via distillation, the process Theo van Doesburg famously illustrated with his 1917 abstraction of a cow. But if abstraction is a starting point and not a goal, the separation of the abstract

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