• Paola Di Bello, Ora e qui, Milano, #5.2 (Now and Here, Milan, #5.2), 2016, C-print, approx. 24 × 30". From the series “Ora e qui, Milano,” 2016.

    Paola Di Bello

    Galleria Bianconi

    Paola Di Bello’s most recent show in Milan consisted of two series of photographs: one recent, “Ora e qui, Milano” (Now and Here, Milan), 2016, and one spanning the past decade and a half, “Rear Window,”2000–16, created in New York. In both cases, images of the city, of urban landscapes, are shot from inside various apartments, looking out at streets and buildings, and in the case of Milan focusing on the Piazza del Duomo and the immediately adjacent streets. In both series, the views afford perfectly objective, realistic glimpses of the metropolises. What we see, however, looks far from real.

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