• Sonja Bäumel in collaboration with Jason Cook, Being Encounter, 2017, glass, chrome foil, mirror, rubber flooring, stones, gelatin, glycerin, water, salt, motors, sensors, 5' 1/4“ x 14' 5 1/4” x 14' 5 1/4". From Momentum 9.

    Momentum 9

    Various Venues

    “Alienation” was the stated theme for Momentum 9: The Nordic Biennial of Contemporary Art. Organized by five curators––Ulrika Flink, Ilari Laamanen, Jacob Lillemose, Gunhild Moe, and Jón B. K. Ransu––each from a different Nordic country, the biennial aimed to respond to what theorist Lisa Blackman calls the “‘inhumanism of the human’ as well as the ‘humanism of the inhuman’” through three thematic groupings: “bodies, objects and technologies,” “ecology,” and “structures and societies.” In its exploration of past, present, and possible future modalities of the alien, the exhibition sought to

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