• Tania Bruguera, Autosabotage (Self-Sabotage), 2009/2017, table, chairs, sound system, 38-mm firearm, video projection (color, sound, 12 minutes 9 seconds). Installation view. Photo: Charlie Villyard.

    Tania Bruguera

    Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

    Over the past several decades, Tania Bruguera has pioneered a distinct form of socially engaged art, located at the intersection of performance art, institutional critique, and activism. She coined the terms Arte de Conducta (Behavior Art) and Arte Útil (Useful Art) to describe facets of her practice in which she strategically elides the division between art and life with projects that have included a school that she ran out of her house in Havana (Cátedra Arte de Conducta [Behavior Art School], 2003–2009), a newspaper she published in collaboration with Cuban artists living inside and outside

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