• View of “Roberto Winter,” 2017. Foreground: Facebook Inc., 2017. On wall: “Ghost phone,” 2017–. Photo: Gui Gomes.

    Roberto Winter

    Mendes Wood DM | São Paulo

    Roberto Winter’s latest show, “Default,” took as its point of departure A role play, 2017, his new film work serialized over five weeks on the website In it, the character Joaquim K. claims to have assassinated the US president on June 28, 2017. Appropriating news footage; content from websites such as XVideos and LiveLeak, video games, corporate animations, and social media; and shots of São Paulo street scenes filmed from the artist’s studio window, Winter wove together a mockumentary on the legitimacy of violence as a form of political participation. Evoking Rupert Sanders’s Ghost

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  • Lia Chaia, Pôsteres 1 (detail), 2017, ink-jet print, paper, paper fasteners, three panels, each 42 1/2 x 2 7/8".

    Lia Chaia

    Galeria Vermelho

    Although it might sound surprising to say this of an artist not yet forty years old, Lia Chaia’s recent exhibition “Pulso” (Pulse) had the virtues of a retrospective. In the gallery’s main space she showed several groups of recent works, themselves a clear demonstration of the breadth of her production. In one of the adjacent building’s rooms, transformed into a comfortable auditorium for the occasion, she presented eighteen videos made between 2000 and 2016 (with a total running time of more than four hours). These provided the necessary background for a full understanding of the themes presented

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