• Adam Linder, Service No. 5: Dare to Keep Kids off Naturalism, 2017. Performance view, September 8, 2017. From left: Leah Katz, Noha Ramadan, Stephen Thompson, Justin F. Kennedy. Photo: Nicolas Gysin.

    Adam Linder

    Kunsthalle Basel

    FOR SOME TIME NOW, the term choreography has been used in association with a range of practices external to dance itself, activities that span a wide array of aesthetic and social actions involving the body, language, architecture, and the institution—one thinks of Xavier Le Roy, Tino Sehgal, or Anne Imhof. Adam Linder, who was classically trained at the Royal Ballet in London, makes work that fits firmly within this expanded definition. Since 2013, he has been providing exhibition spaces with his “Services,” choreographed works that he and his dancers execute under contractual agreement.

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