• View of “Javier Barrios and Joaquín Segura,” 2017. Wall: Untitled, 2017. Floor: Autosuficiencia: Ejercicios de balance (Selfsufficiency: Balance Exercises), 2017. Photo: Joaquín Segura.

    Javier Barrios and Joaquín Segura

    Fundación CALOSA

    Tres Golpes” (Three Blows) was a pertinent co-creation by two Mexican artists, Javier Barrios and Joaquín Segura, working together for the first time. Commissioned by Paulina Ascencio, the curatorial director of the recently inaugurated Fundación Calosa, their collaboration made for an inaugural exhibition that suggests the foundation has a solid, purposeful future. The founders of Calosa are to be applauded for this effort to bring contemporary art (with a program of discussions, workshops, residencies, and so on, as well as a library) to a public beyond Mexico City—in this case a

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