• Minam Apang, Untitled, 2017, charcoal on cotton, 28 1/4 × 35 1/4".

    Minam Apang

    Chatterjee & Lal

    Ideas of fragility and impermanence ran through the charcoal drawings on cloth and paper in Minam Apang’s recent exhibition, “Drawing Phantoms.” The works on cloth appeared to be landscapes—a turbulent sea; a sky crowded with moons, shrouded in mist; mountains in the distance, only faintly visible. Charcoal’s material characteristics lend themselves perfectly to represent these seemingly ephemeral perceptions. The medium’s easy transformability and monochromy create ambiguous figures; Apang’s hybrid images are not what they seem. The Goa, India–based artist says the works try to embody

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