• Martin Boyce, Untitled, 2017, painted perforated steel, aluminum, painted steel, steel chain, blackened nickel-plated steel, blackened cast bronze, 78 5/8 × 118 3/8".

    Martin Boyce

    The Modern Institute | Aird’s Lane

    Staged to resemble a spacious domestic interior, Martin Boyce’s exhibition “Light Years” expressed a poised interplay between standardized industrial materials and the refinement of high art. Three works that the artist compares to large Color Field landscape paintings (all works Untitled, 2017) anchored the overall installation. To create these, Boyce first applied beige primer to perforated steel panels, then layered on pale washes in rose, aqua, or yellow—colors selected from the German RAL system—yielding streaked and muted pastel fields. The effect is similar to that of the subtle

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