• Shi Yong, Under the Rule-L, 2017, iron, stainless steel, poly-putty, epoxy primer, spray paint, silk-screen ink, 52 3/8 × 48 1/4 × 6 5/8".

    Shi Yong

    ShanghART Gallery | 香格纳画廊

    Shi Yong’s solo exhibition “Under the Rule” continued a trend of cool-handed minimalism that seems to be de rigueur for Generation X artists working in China. A role model for millennials, Shi, who graduated art school in 1984, was among the first Chinese artists to critically approach issues about contemporary cultural identity, consumption, economics, and globalization. An early example of Shi’s apprehension or skepticism about the art system is Sorry, There Will Be No Documenta in 2007 (2006), a proposal for billboards to be placed throughout the city of Kassel, announcing a hiatus in the

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