• Mikala Dwyer, The Additions and the Subtractions, 2017, mixed media. Installation view. Photo: Mim Stirling. From the series “The Additions and Subtractions,” 2007–.

    Mikala Dwyer

    Art Gallery of New South Wales

    The Art Gallery of New South Wales has given Mikala Dwyer license to transform five of its spaces with her eye-catching installations made of every imaginable material—manufactured, found, or handcrafted by the artist. Titled “A shape of thought,” the show reaffirms Dwyer’s tendency to configure thinking as a crossbred, chaotic thing that miraculously hangs together in each installation. The coexistence of contradictory thoughts channeled by painting, sound, video, performance, and especially sculpture is an organizing principle of her art. Her works suspend ontological divisions between

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