• Angelika J. Trojnarski, Rising, 2017, paper and oil on canvas, 59 x 47 1/4".

    Angelika J. Trojnarski

    Galerie Tanja Wagner

    “Currently I am more attracted to sculptors than to painters. They look at objects from all sides,” Angelika J. Trojnarski remarked, with an eye to this exhibition, titled “The Rising.” The Polish-born, Düsseldorf-based painter is interested in three-dimensional moving bodies such as airplanes and ships, and in the technologies that make mobility possible. Even though she usually depicts her motifs in two dimensions, an understanding of volumes is essential to her work. In this exhibition, three larger oil paintings were combined with seven collages, a hanging fabric piece, and two small MDF

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  • Anna Virnich, Untitled #44 (Nov 15:58), 2017, polyester, tulle, and nettle on wood, 69 7/8 x 120".

    Anna Virnich

    Arratia Beer

    What hit you first about these works was their scent. Sweet and subtly intense, it was not so much perfumed as organic. It was also vaguely familiar, even if it was not what you’d expect from a group of abstract paintings. This disconcerting quality is a deliberate component of Anna Virnich’s work. Even before you realize what’s happening, your experience of looking is pervaded by the sense of smell, which combines with the picture’s visual meaning to become part of its elusive materiality.

    Virnich’s work is particularly concerned with the interplay between materiality and perception. Her large

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