• Glenn Kaino, (Sign) A Pen for Every Player (detail), 2017, wood, plaster, video (color, sound, 1 minute). Installation view. Photo: Tony Walsh.

    Glenn Kaino

    Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati

    The literalness of Glenn Kaino’s recent work is surprising. His midcareer retrospective “A Shout Within a Storm,” on view through April 22, includes the work The Winds of Revolt (Selma) 2, 2016, in which Kaino has rendered in charcoal on a waxed paper ground an iconic 1965 photograph of Martin Luther King Jr., Coretta Scott King, and other civil rights leaders marching arm in arm. Heat applied to the upper part of the composition has caused wax to drip down, partially distorting the image. In The Past Has Not Yet Happened (Panama), 2017, Kaino used a tactile alcohol transfer process to degrade

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