• Magali Reus, Sentinel (Waterfall Plot), 2017, sprayed fiberglass and polyester resin, air-brushed aluminum embroidered custom weave viscose, polyester, cotton, sand-cast bronze, laser engraved leather, cotton twine, powder-coated steel, aluminum, dimensions variable.

    Magali Reus

    Bergen Kunsthall

    Eagle-eyed visitors to “Hot Cottons,” Magali Reus’s first solo presentation in Scandinavia—and the London-based Dutch artist’s largest exhibition to date—will have noticed a short column of numbers, ascending in regular intervals, discreetly incised into the plastered walls at the gallery’s threshold. This ghostly calibration was echoed intermittently elsewhere, a tantalizing complement to a myriad of glyphs, graphemes, motifs, and devices that adorned the disparate surfaces of Reus’s sculptures, as if they had swarmed through the exhibition and settled at will. Those familiar with

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