• Lee Woosung, Four of Us Gathered by Chance, and We Had Drinks, 2017, acrylic gouache and gesso on fabric, 86 5/8 x 86 5/8".

    Lee Woosung

    Hakgojae Gallery

    Many of Lee Woosung’s works are what he calls “cloth paintings,” unstretched works in acrylic gouache on large sheets of lightweight cotton or canvas. They recall the geolgae geurim, literally “hung paintings,” made by artist-activist collectives during the tumultuous period of nationwide student demonstrations in South Korea in the 1980s—massively scaled propaganda images on fabric. The social-realistic style of geolgae geurim and their political context derive from the minjung misul (people’s art) movement of that time, which protested South Korea’s dictatorial government. Taking a cue

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