• Vibeke Tandberg, Candypool (detail), 2017, plaster, slate, wood, felt, dimensions variable. From Lorck Schive Kunstpris.

    Lorck Schive Kunstpris

    Trondheim Kunstmuseum

    Each of the four artists nominated for the third edition of the Lorck Schive Kunstpris, Norway’s biggest art prize, produced installations for an exhibition that evinced their distinct stylistic sensibilities, coalescing into portrayals of personal and collective histories while imparting a sense of romanticism derailed. Mattias Härenstam’s Begrensning (Limitation; all works 2017) consisted of a birch tree being dragged around the perimeter of a strikingly antiseptic, even anesthetic modernist space, a trail of leaves tracing the path of its nearly imperceptible progress and inexorable deterioration.

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