• Izumi Kato, Untitled, 2017, wood, soft vinyl, acrylic, 74 1⁄4 × 17 1/4 × 19 5/8".

    Izumi Kato

    Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin

    Most of the sculptural characters that Izumi Kato crafted for this exhibition (all works Untitled, 2017) have heads made of granite that the artist collected from the reclaimed landfill close to his coastal studio. He selected these pieces of rock for their shape and texture, which recall those of suiseki (decorative stones) or scholar’s rocks, and treated them minimally, attaching them to bodies made mostly from wood, painting them a variety of colors, and standing the results on simple wooden pedestals. (The artist made other figures from pieces of leather and soft vinyl, their “limbs” splayed

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