• Simon Roberts, Grenfell Tower, North Kensington, London, 19 June 2017, C-print, 48 × 60".

    Simon Roberts


    In 2007, Simon Roberts began his series “We English” by training his four-by-five camera on the English landscape and its inhabitants for the first time. Roberts spent several months in a mobile home, traveling across the country to investigate the relationship between the scenery, leisure activities, and English identity. He saw all three as complementary. As he revealed in a talk at Photofusion Photography Centre in London in 2014, his experience of England was informed by his own family trips and holiday activities in the open air, and by the long tradition of British portraiture set in

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  • Leo Fitzmaurice, CAMEL LIMITED EDITION BLUE, 2009, cigarette packet, 31⁄2 × 37⁄8". From the series “Post Match,” 1996–2017.

    Leo Fitzmaurice

    The Sunday Painter

    Manchester United’s 1995–96 away-game shirt is regularly cited as among the worst-ever Premier League designs. Not only was the mottled gray top hideous, but players complained they could not spot teammates on the field. Down 3–0 at Southampton, the struggling Man U team quickly changed their uniforms at halftime, and their game improved (but they lost anyway). The mud-colored top was never seen again.

    Vibrant solids are generally chosen for team jerseys, and these are embellished in standard, uncomplicated patterns. The sponsor’s name is writ large at the shirt’s center. The team badge is usually

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