• Luca Maria Patella, Le vol entier de Vénus (The Entire Flight of Venus), 1989, wooden tabernacles, Venus statuette, dimensions variable.

    Luca Maria Patella

    Galleria Milano

    The multifaceted artist Luca Maria Patella was born in Rome in 1934. Over the course of his long career, he has worked in various media, from film, sculpture, photography, and performance to object-related installation, not to mention writing, where his continual wordplay injects a strong measure of irony. Curated by Alberto Fiz, this small survey of Patella’s work from the late 1960s to the late 1980s originated at the Galleria Il Ponte in Florence, where it also included pieces tied to that city’s history. These examples of the artist’s “contextual” work were not, however, displayed at Galleria

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  • View of “Marco Bagnoli and Remo Salvadori,” 2018. Background: Remo Salvadori, Nel momento (In the Moment), 1993–2007; Foreground: Remo Salvadori, Continuo infinito presente (Continuous Infinite Present), 1984–2009.

    Marco Bagnoli and Remo Salvadori

    Galleria Christian Stein | Pero

    Marco Bagnoli and Remo Salvadori both belong to that generation of Italian artists who had to come to terms early in their careers with the across-the-board return to painting after more than a decade of Arte Povera and Conceptual art. Bucking the trend, they chose to pursue work characterized by a strong cerebral component and an enormous variety of experimental materials and linguistic modalities. The breadth of media (including sound and video elements) and the technical, stylistic, and formal nonchalance of the work in this two-person exhibition demonstrate not only Galleria Christian Stein’s

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