• Genieve Figgis, The Happy Accidents of the Swing (after Fragonard), 2018, acrylic on canvas, 47 1/4 x 39 3/8".

    Genieve Figgis

    Almine Rech Gallery | Paris

    Genieve Figgis’s painted tableaux often seem to present a dramatic event, like an operatic performance, but one whose coordinates can’t fully be discerned. The Irish painter’s characters, who adopt theatrical poses or stand in groups, as in a conversation piece, are well aware that they are on public display. Judging by their regal costumes—long, wide dressing gowns; tuxedoes; gaiters; elaborate headgear—their time is not our own. Moreover, they move about in spaces unlike ours. The paintings provide glimpses of frescoed ceilings, chandeliers with candles, gilded furniture with bouquets

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  • Anna Solal, Infusion camomille 2018, colored pencil on paper, combs, children’s shoes, massage stick, metal rod, carpet, tulle, steering wheel protector, plastic supermarket box, Plexiglas, 37 x 18 1/8 x 3 1/8".

    Anna Solal

    New Galerie

    La convalescence,” French artist Anna Solal’s first solo show in Paris, featured devotional objects made from dollar-store finds (plastic shoes, kitchen utensils, car-floor mats, combs, neck massagers, and hair clips) and broken electronics (cracked smartphone screens, parts of remote controls and keyboards) salvaged from repair shops. Using tulle and wire to ritualistically bind together these cheap sundries and various forms of electronic waste, Solal creates freestanding sculptures as well as elaborate frames for her drawings. The artist’s aesthetic appreciation for junky products results

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