• Yuri Ancarani, The Challenge, 2016, HD video, color, sound, 70 minutes.

    Yuri Ancarani

    Kunsthalle Basel

    Sculture,” curated by Elena Filipovic, was Yuri Ancarani’s first institutional solo show; it featured eight films created between 2010 and 2017. The Italian filmmaker’s early trilogy “La malattia del ferro” (The Malady of Iron, 2010–12) transports its viewers to three very different but equally unusual workplaces. Il capo (The Boss, 2010), shows workers in a marble quarry in Carrara, Italy. The six scuba divers in Piattaforma luna (Moon Platform, 2011) go about their morning routines in a deep-sea capsule, a radio connection to a distant command center their only contact with the outside world.

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