• Beverly Fishman, Untitled (Depression, High Blood Pressure, Bipolar Disorder, Opioid Addiction), 2018, urethane paint on wood, 91 x 106 x 2".

    Beverly Fishman

    Kavi Gupta Gallery | Elizabeth St

    “CHEMICAL SUBLIME" opened with a brutally colored, hard-edge abstraction, Untitled (Sleepiness, Antipsychotic, Pain), 2017. The work was one of nine shallow relief paintings on wood that punctuated the walls of the sizable main gallery and a smaller annex space. Extreme and confrontational in their color combinations, the compositions are derived from simple three-dimensional geometric forms, many with rounded edges, which are compressed to depths of two inches. The faces of the paintings are exquisitely constructed from machine-cut raised panels and negative cutaways, their side profiles exposing

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